Original dessert served as a crown of the dinner. In the times of the belle époque it was like the icing on the cake for the Wrocław gastronomy in every exquisitely composed menu.

Leading restaurateurs employed confectioners educated in Vienna, Paris and Berlin, working earlier in prince manor houses, and their sweet compositions, amongst which it will be enough to name e.g. the Melba sundae, prince Pückler’s ice-cream gourmet, the cookies like Victoria's Bomb, Esterházy Bomb, Monte Carlo Bomb, pudding a’la Nesselrode, Duchesse Pears, Charlotte russe, Viennese Strudel, or Paris layer cake, constituted the unremitting renown of premises.

The turn of the 19th and 20th century brought an increase in expectations of the Wrocław inhabitants with regard to the table. More and more sophisticated sweet delicacies were recommended in the menus. As a result of these changes, famous European confectioners and prestigious cake shops of the European metropolises became more and more well-known to the Wrocław connoisseurs of taste, inspiring local masters of the confectionery art to new research.

The Perini Sundae was an effect of these trends, being an excellent composition of the most famous cake shop in the capital of Silesia, which at the twilight of the belle epoque was recommended by majority of reputable restaurants in Wrocław.

Read our annual calendar – full of recipes for cakes and desserts. All proposals were based on the basis of authentic recipes and are a clear proof of the fact that the Taste of the Old Wrocław is still as vivid as in the past - our culinary offer resembles the rich and fascinating cuisine of the old Wrocław.

More information about the calendar and its project available on the special side.

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