Bibliofil w Art Hotelu

W ostatnim czasie złożył nam wizytę Piotr Kasperczak, miłośnik dobrej książki, autor bloga 

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Wystawa jubileuszowa

Zapraszamy na wernisaż!

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Jubilee - Literary Walks

Wroclaw is a city of those who love art beyond everything else. Thank for showing us once again it is true!

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Premiere of the Play "Room Service" is now history!

The premiere of the play titled ”Room Service”, prepared by the group Teatr Ad Spectatores due to the 20th anniversary of our hotel is over now.

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Wielkanocny nastrój

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The mysterious night at the Art Hotel - the last June weekend only!

Still looking for a nice way to spend the last weekend of June? If you like some thrill, we've got something for you!
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"With the Eye of the Master and his Friends" - a truly unique book about the Polish Cuisine

That's the title of the new book being a form of tribute for the formidable chef de cuisine - the Master from the title - Lesław Kołodziej.

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The vernissage of Ludwika Ogorzelec

On 16 May 2015 join our exhibition titled „Krystalizacja Przestrzeni” („Cristalization of Space”) by a famous sculptor Ludwika Ogorzelec.

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Discover the criminal riddle of the room 131 in the Art Hotel!

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PSYCHO performance in the Art Hotel

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MENDINI Maestro del Design exhibition

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Exhibitions in the Art Hotel

Why the Art Hotel? The very name of the object emphasizes the direct connection between the hotek and art. The administrators collect only the best and most valued artists of Wroclaw!
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The ART HOTEL invites for the performance PSYCHO

On the 15th and 16th of August we are inviting for another edition of the performance by the Ad Spectatores Theatre - A free ticket included in the package (book your package)
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Hemophilia-The Habsburgs Curse: New Edition!!!

15-16.08 - Come to the Art Hotel to enjoy yet another edition of the Ad Spectatores Theatre - A Review After the Premiere - Your free ticket included in the package (book the package)
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The Art Hotel invites for the exhibition

6.09 2011 at 7:30 om the opening of the exhibition by Renata Micherda-Jarodzka Art Hotel - 1 floor - foyer
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Letnie Smaki Dolnego Śląska

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Miesiąc Spotkań Autorskich

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Dzieje się!

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Europa na widelcu

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