The vernissage of Ludwika Ogorzelec


On 16 May 2015 join our exhibition titled „Krystalizacja Przestrzeni” („Cristalization of Space”) by a famous sculptor Ludwika Ogorzelec.

The vernissage starts at 6:00 pm at the Cloth Hall in Wroclaw.

The reading combined with a fascinating discussion as well as a complex presentation of the author’s work begins at 7:00 pm at the Art Hotel.

Exhibition „Crystalization of Space"

Between 20 April 2015 and 15 May 2015 the lady artist – sculptor Ludwika Ogorzelec – creates the so-called site-specific art – a form of an intervention in the public space of the Cloth Hall in Wrocław, being in truth a quarter of the medieval buildings of the Wroclaw Market.

The creator wants to provoke positive thrills, to encourage the spectators to open their eyes. Ludwika combines the material culture of years – namely, the tightly built-up area of narrow, dark passages – with the lightness and shine as well as all these visible powers of physical stress which in the form of math modules could land in Wroclaw like the extraterrestrials and annex the whole Cloth Hall district.

The artist wants to use this technique to encourage those wandering around the Town Hall to visit these always empty streets of the Cloth Hall.

In order to influence the human emotions even more, the author created one large but multi-component sculpture – its parts are like “metaphors” spread in the areas of all the three streets: Przejście Garncarskie (Pottery Passage), Przejście Żelaźnicze (Iron Passage) and Przejście Sukiennicze (Cloth Passage).  

These are light, white and half – transparent cubes hang beyond our heads – blocks of different sizes and forms, constructed by the stress balance of the transparent line of cellophane.

The passages from the series „Krystalizacja przestrzeni” („Crystalization of space”) in the Cloth Hall of Wroclaw 2015 invite you to enjoy already the 62nd exhibition by this author and the 100th interference of this sculptor in the public space all around the world.

The chosen projects from the past editions of the series – showing the ideas of this kind of sculpture to a wider extent – will be available for the willing visitors in the form of various photos exhibited in the Przejście Żelaźnicze (Iron Passage). That’s supposed to be a true crowning of the whole project.

The Wroclaw sculpture art in the Cloth Hall – as those ones from the past – has not been previously planned. All the details are created “live”. That’s a public art of artistry mixed with verifying the power of the work in real situations and carrying on with the influence of the visual elements appearing before our eyes on the emotions we feel inside. We hereby enter a space which has been marked by an artistic vision.

The half – transparent fabric of cellophane perfectly transfers light. Thus, at night these objects shall shine, and during the day adapt to the atmosphere depending to the day light. The sculptures will appear and then all of sudden vanish into thin air.

During the wild dance of impressions around the Wroclaw Town Hall, a lot of intriguing phenomena shall take place. Ludwika Ogorzelec wants to make the visitors wandering around the Town Hall follow all these mysterious signs hidden in the labyrinth of streets. Once they notice a part of some unusual figure, they are supposed to go further, to look for more (...). More and more people will join the parade, learning to break their aversion towards the narrow streets of the medieval micro-part of the Wroclaw city.

For our guests we have an invitation to the Vernissage. Please contact the sales department:

• Call us: +48 71 78 77 400

• E-mail us:

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