St. Andrew’s Eve 2018

Before you set yourself out on the wild journey to all the shopping centres with the list of Christmas presents to purchase in your hand, before your long and dark December evenings turn into a never ending story with cooking, cleaning and doing all the house chores which you love so much, take this last crazy night of having fun till the crack of dawn. St. Andrew’s Eve party is a must after all!

Our charming little party shall be opened by the Acoustic Live Band, famous for the brave new arrangements of songs brought to life by the stars like Czesław Niemen, Seweryn Krajewski, Agnieszka Osiecka and many more. Their songs, so poetic, with so much praise for the tender feeling of love, shall now be sung in the fashionable acoustic manner!

Once the concert has come to an end, the rock rhythms of the 80s and 90s will keep our pulse up high up until 2:00 am. Well, nothing more to say, all things being clear! Pack your most comfy shoes and rush onto the dancefloor! 

Might you fear you lack energy for such a grand event, our buffet will keep you all in the best of strength!


Creamy forest mushroom soup

Pumpkin soup with blue cheese

Warm dishes

Chicken bites with pear and pomegranate sauce

Tenderloin medallions with forest mushrooms

Duck with cranberry sauce

Salmon in orange marinade

Squid stewed in white wine  

Cod in spicy breading with mustard dip


Silesian dumplings

Grilled vegetables

Lower Silesia cheeses with tomatoes

Baked goods

Finger food

Turkey with apricots in mint sauce

Sliced roast beef with arugula leaves

Cucumber roulades stuffed with crab salad

Marinated shrimp with arugula

Vol-au-vent with vegetable spreads

Greek feta with hazelnuts and pumpkin – raisin jam

Party skewers with cheese


Citrus salad with aromatic sugar

Mascarpone mousse with fruit jelly bean

Panna cotta with flambéed sour cherries  

Warm dishes – served around midnight

Beetroot soup with croquette


Coffee and tea with additions – no limitations

Fruit juices 1 l/person

Still water with lemon 1 l/person

White wine / red wine 375 ml/person



30 November2018

8:00 pm – 2:00 am



Art Hotel, ul. Kiełbaśnicza 20, 50-110 Wrocław, Poland


How much?

*tickets for 1–4 people – 239 PLN/person

*tickets for 5-10 people – 219 PLN/person


How to purchase the tickets?

You will find them online.


And if my name is Andrew?

Good news! You’ll get a discount! Every Andrew and his companion shall be pampered with a very special price – barely 199 PLN/person!


Got questions?

We will be more than glad to answer them!

Call us: +48 71 78 77 132 or +48 71 78 77 245 or e-mail us:


Come and enjoy!

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