Hotel regulations


v.10 of 06/06/2022.

  1. The owner and administrator of the Hotel is the Art Hotel Sp. z o.o. company having its seat in Wrocław, at 20 Kiełbaśnicza Street (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel).
  2. The Rules and Regulations define the scope of the services, liability and the stay on the hotel premises. They constitute an integral part of the contract concluded by signing the Guest Card as well as by implicit actions, especially by making a booking and/or making the advance payment or full payment due for the stay at the Hotel. By the actions mentioned above, the Guest hereby confirms that they have made themselves acquainted with the Rules and Regulations as well as accept their provisions.
  3. The Rules and Regulations are available for inspection at the Hotel Reception and on the website
  4. The Hotel provides accommodation, catering, conference and other services in accordance with its business profile, category and standard.
  5. The description of the services provided, in particular of the rooms, and the price list can be found on the website of the Hotel
  6. The hotel rooms are rented for the hotel days.
  7. The hotel day begins at 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 pm on the following day. If the Guest wishes to extend their stay, they should report it to the reception no later than at 9:00 am on their original day of departure. Accepting the request depends on the current occupancy of the Hotel. Failing to check out by 12:00 pm is tantamount to extending the stay. If the Guest leaves the room by 4:00 pm, they shall be charged for every hour in accordance with the price list being currently in force. If the Guest leaves the room after 4:00 pm, they shall be charged for another hotel day as results from the current price list for the room standard in question.
  8. If the Guest has not arranged with the Hotel to extend their stay beforehand, the Hotel reserves the right to move their luggage to the left-luggage office.
  9. If the Guest did not make the full payment due for the current stay as well as if they violate the Rules and Regulations and for other justified reasons, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse to extend the Guest’s stay.  
  10. The basis for concluding the contract for hotel services is the registration of the Guest at the Reception based on their passport or identity card issued by a member state of the European Union, providing the personal data defined in the Guest Card and signing the completed Card.
  11. The Hotel Guests consent to the processing of their personal data necessary to provide the hotel service. The personal data is processed by the Hotel in accordance with the rules defined by the law and with the privacy policy published on the website of the Hotel. Providing the data is voluntary, yet necessary to conclude the hotel service contract.
  12. The Hotel Guest may not hand their room over to third parties, also during their stay.  
  13. The persons visiting Hotel Guests may stay in the hotel rooms from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  14. The quiet hours at the Hotel last from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.  
  15. The detailed conditions for booking and cancelling rooms can be found in the booking confirmation.  
  16. The Hotel reserves the right to charge the Guest for their stay at the latest on the day of the Guest’s arrival.
  17. If the Guest cancels their stay while it still lasts, the Hotel does not refund the fee for the commenced hotel day.
  18. If the Guest is late with the payment due for the stay or for the services provided, the Hotel has a statutory right of lien on the property brought into the Hotel by the Guest.
  19. The Guest bears full financial liability for all the goods and services ordered and/or used during their stay. If the Guest fails to pay for the goods or services, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the payment card provided by the Guest at the booking/during their stay.
  20. If the Guest violates the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the Hotel may refuse further service provision to the Guest in question. Such a person is then obliged to immediately comply with the Hotel’s requests, make the payment due for the services provided thus far as well as to pay for any damage and destruction caused and in the end, to leave the Hotel premises.
  21. The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who during their previous stay grossly infringed the Hotel Rules and Regulations by causing damage to the property of the Hotel or of the Guests or caused personal damage to Guests or other persons staying on the premises or disturbed the peace at the Hotel in any other way or whose actions poses a risk of causing such damage.
  22. Additionally, at the request of the Guest, the Hotel provides the following services free of charge:

- individual safe in each hotel room and storing valuables during the Guest’s stay in the hotel safe at the Reception subject to points 30-31,

- providing information on the stay and journey,

- wake-up call at the appointed hour,

- storing the Guest’s luggage maximally for 24 hours,

- ordering a taxi.

The Guests may use the fitness room at the Hotel free of charge.

  1. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept any mail, including courier deliveries, on behalf of the Hotel Guest unless the Hotel has agreed thereto in advance and has been duly authorised.
  2. At the request of the Guest, additional equipment can be provided in chosen rooms, e.g. extra beds, equipment for children or disabled persons, equipment for pets, as results from the current offer and price list of the Hotel.
  3. The Hotel Guest bears full liability for any damage to or any destruction of items, equipment and technical devices of the Hotel and the property of other Guests caused by them, their visitors or their pets. The Hotel Guest is fully liable for the actual loss and the lost profit of the Hotel (e.g. if, for the time of removing the damage, the room must be excluded from booking). The Hotel reserves the right to make an individual valuation of the damage caused (adequate to the standard of the Hotel) depending on the works necessary to remove the damage.
  4. Each time upon leaving the room, the Guest should for safety reasons turn off the TV and the lights, turn off the taps as well as check and make sure that the door has been locked.
  5. Children under the age of 13 years should be on the Hotel premises supervised by their legal guardians. The legal guardians bear full liability for any damage resulting from the actions or omissions of their children.
  6. Minors between 13 and 18 years of age may only use the hotel services if the Hotel agrees thereto during the service booking and after their legal guardians have consented thereto in writing.
  7. The Hotel is liable for the loss of or damage to the items brought into the Hotel by the persons using its services within the scope set out in Articles 846-851 of the Polish Civil Code. The Guest is to inform the Reception about any damage immediately after having found it. The liability of the Hotel is excluded if the damage results from the properties of the item, was caused by force majeure or for which the injured party themselves, their companions or their visitors are to blame.
  8. The Hotel is liable for the loss of or damage to money, securities, valuables or items having scientific or artistic value, provided that these items have been deposited at the Reception.
  9. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept larger amounts of money, items of high value and/or items which exceed the limits of the hotel deposit.
  10.  If the departing Guest leaves their personal belongings at the Hotel, the Hotel will immediately notify the Guest about it. The Guest can collect these things in person or they shall be sent back to them at their expense to the address indicated by the Guest. If the Guest fails to collect these items and if they did not give their consent to have the things sent back to them, the Hotel will store these things for three months, and once this time period has expired without effect, the Hotel will donate these things to charity or social causes or utilise them. This rule does not refer to foodstuffs, as they shall be stored for 24 hours and then utilised. Documents left behind by the Guest (including identity card or passport) shall be stored by the Hotel for 14 days of having notified the Guest about having left them behind and if the Guest fails to give any instructions in this matter, the documents will be given to the Police.
  11. Smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes on the premises of the Hotel, including the hotel rooms and balconies, is strictly prohibited. If the Guest violates this rule, they are obliged to cover the costs of the room dearomatisation, the amount of which is defined by Annex 1 to these Rules and Regulations.
  12. For the reasons of fire safety, in the hotel rooms, it is prohibited to burn candles as well as use heaters, irons and other electric devices which do not belong to the room equipment, expect for computer and telephone chargers as well as power supplies. 
  13. Bringing and storing dangerous goods, weapons, ammunition, flammable, explosive and illuminating materials is prohibited on the premises of the Hotel. It does not refer to officers and other state armed formations who by law are entitled to bring them in. 
  14. The Hotel reserves the right to inspect the rooms once every 24 hours to ensure maximal comfort and safety of the Guests.
  15. Chosen universally available areas at the Hotel are subject to video surveillance.
  16. Stay of pets:
  1. The Hotel accepts small and medium (max. 20kg) pets – dogs and cats. The stay of pets is only allowed if accepted by the Hotel at the booking. It is subject to an additional fee in accordance with the current price list (does not refer to assistance dogs).
  2. Pets are only accepted in chosen rooms.
  3. If the Guest fails to inform the Hotel Reception about keeping a dog or any other pet in their room, it will result in the Guest being charged a fine in the amount defined by Annex 1 to these Rules and Regulations.
  4. Owners of pets staying at the Hotel are obliged to carry the current vaccination card of their pets. 
  5. Pet owners are responsible therefor that their pets are quiet and do not disturb other Guests.
  6. Dogs must be muzzled and walked on a leash under the care of their owner or a person authorised thereto.
  7. Pet owners are obliged to clean up any excrements left by their pets on the premises of the Hotel and in its surroundings.
  8. For sanitary and hygienic reasons, it is strictly prohibited to bring animals to the indoor dining areas of the Hotel (except for assistance dogs).
  9. The Hotel may refuse to accept the following animals: dogs mentioned in the list of dog breeds considered aggressive in accordance with section 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 28 April 2003 (Journal of Laws No. 77, item 687), reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and rodents as well as other animals deemed dangerous by the Hotel Management.
  10. For safety reasons, the hotel rooms in which pets stay are cleaned only in their owners’ presence or when the pet is absent. If you leave the pet alone in the room, remember about the door hanger informing about, placed on the external door handle.  
  11. All damage to the property of the Hotel or the property of other Guests caused by pets shall be priced by the Hotel Management or the persons affected, and the costs thereof shall be borne by the respective pet owners.
  1. In case of any complaints regarding the quality of the services provided, the Guest is requested to report them to the Reception without delay so that the staff can respond thereto and improve the quality of the services. Complaints concerning the services provided by the Hotel should be lodged in writing. They shall be considered within 14 days of the Hotel receiving them.

Annex No. 1 to the Hotel Rules and Regulations


Price list of hotel fines


  1. Disturbing the quiet hours - 1000 PLN 
  2. Specialist room cleaning due to biological contamination - 2000 PLN 
  3. Staying on the hotel premises with a pet if the hotel had not consented thereto beforehand - 500 PLN 
  4. Smoking tobacco products and electronic cigarettes on the hotel premises - 500 PLN 
  5. Unjustified activation of the fire alarm - 1000 PLN 

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