"With the Eye of the Master and his Friends" - a truly unique book about the Polish Cuisine


The unbeatable and undoubted king of the Wroclaw cuisine is Lesław Kołodziej.

Here's his unforgettable story of 40 years spent in two hotels of the city - namely Novotel and Art Hotel where he used to call the shots as the chef. He truly believed in the magic of the Polish tastes, constituing a strong basis of his cooking.

- To my way of thinking there's a grand hope for the Polish cuisine to be in the future as attracting for the tourists as the Viennese Sacher Torte or the Spanish paella. And beyond all doubt it won't be a thoughtless copy of the old tastes but a creation throughly analyzed, carefully prepared which is at one hand noble and on the other hand emphasized with a pinch of proper spices - said our Master nearly 20 years ago.

His work was his greatest passion and a form of self-fulfilling. He dreamt about publishing a book, he had even started collecting recipes. Today his dreams finally comes true - thanks to his son, also chef, Łukasz Kołodziej.

The book will be a union of thoughts and memories about the Master remember by his close ones his son Łukasz and friends: Grzehorz Pomietło from the Art Hotel, Przemek Bogucki, deputy chef of the Art Hotel cuisine, Krzysztof Parys, Patisserie Chef of the Art Hotel, Waldemar Hołówka, Tadeusz Hupa, Arkadiusz Szymański, Adam Rybak, Rafał Białek, Mariusz Papuga, Rafał Pisarek, Piotr Gietner, Emil Oleś, Wojtek Szymański, Mariusz Stolarski and Ryszard Konieczka.

The co-authors of the book are professional cooks - that's why in the book we shall find really attractive recipes from the lifepath of the Master Lesław Kołodziej.

The income gained thanks to the booj will be given to the charity run by ex First Lady of Poland, Jolanta Kwaśniewska "Porozumienie bez barier".

Feel like having a copy signed by the above mentioned cooks? At the reception of the Art Hotel you can a special copy! For more information, please contact our Sales Department: 

  • Call us: +48 71 78 77 400,
  • E-mail us: reservation@arthotel.pl

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